About Loxon

Looking for a software vendor in lending and risk management? Loxon understands your business and offers market leading lending and risk management solutions.

Loxon Lending

Would you gain process efficiency and integrate risk assessment? Control the whole lending lifecycle from sales and decision steps all along to contracting and monitoring phases.

Loxon Collateral Management

Missing Basel II compliant collateral analytics? Keep record of your collaterals and optimize your regulatory and economic capital requirement.

Loxon Collection

Facing rapidly growing ratio of bad debts? Improve your collection strategies, reach more customers with your collection team and automate more to increase collected recoveries.

Loxon Rating/Scoring

Plan to improve your decision and client monitoring practices? Centralize financial data capture, use various indicators, quantitative and qualitative measurements.

Loxon Limit Management

Using limit based approach in corporate lending? Build your limit structure and evaluate limit usage of customers and groups according your credit policy.

Loxon Early Warning

Need to recognize problematic exposures in an early stage? Wish to up-sell to good clients? Predict the probability of default using behavioral approach on expert or statistical base.

Loxon Basel2

Implementing Basel II regulations? Utilize state-of-the-art risk calculation methods, maximize risk adjusted performance and become fully Basel II compliant.